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2019 FOIPA Section 8

In 2018, neo-Nazis threatened me by sending me a letter to my home address. This is the brief regarding that threat.

I received a letter that looked sketchy in late 2018. On the advice of my attorneys, I did not open it and handed it to the police as evidence. They sent it to the FBI. The return address on the letter was handwritten; it was the address of the Anti-Defamation League’s Houston office. The FBI bizarrely seems to infer that that address is the genuine address of the sender.

  • Original Post
  • Section 1 — FBI 302 from Chris Cantwell’s pepper spray attack
  • Section 2 — Fully redacted file
  • Section 3 — Fully redacted file
  • Section 4 — FBI 302 pertaining to a false anonymous tip
  • Section 5 — FBI brief pertaining to the false anonymous tip
  • Section 6 — FBI FD-71A complaint for for the investigation regarding the tip
  • Section 7 — FBI brief pertaining to Atomwaffen’s threat against me in Germany

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